What is a Basecamp? Well, to Lindsey and I it is that rock to always call home. A place we could fly back to with ease or drive back to within a matter of days. No matter where we are in the world, we have this place to call home where we know how stuff works, we know where to get the best Happy Hour and we know we have friends to call on to go on a quick mountain bike ride.

Colorado Springs, Colorado is our basecamp. It is a city nestled right on the mountains for outdoor adventures. I get my German foodie fix with options like biking over to Wimbergers Bakery on Friday mornings; a family owned spot opened in 1972. Or we can drive over to the Asian Pacific Market to get those hard-to-find ingredients for Tom Yam Soup. Most importantly our friends (that have become family over the years) are here.

How did Colorado Springs become our basecamp?

We realized we need a basecamp while in Athens, Greece. We were chilling in our rooftop Airbnb and I was surfing the web about where and how to kite surf in Croatia. I got overwhelmed and really stressed. Why the heck am I so stressed in such a beautiful part of the world when I’m friggin’ blessed to be researching a really cool opportunity like kite surfing? That’s when we knew we had to make some sort of change in our lifestyle.

This was June 2017. We packed our bags, rented our home in Colorado Springs and started traveling in June of 2014. Three years on the road had taken its toll. We were decision fatigued.

How the heck could that be? Instagram shows all these photos of sunsets and smiling faces for folks traveling and living the Digital Nomad lifestyle. I started wondering what the heck was wrong with me. I did some googling and discovered that I wasn’t the only one. Lots of full time travelers were changing things up and figuring out how to set up a basecamp. We were all having that grass is greener moment.

Grass is Greener

So, we had to figure out how to transition back to a basecamp sort of lifestyle. We narrowed things down to Decatur, Georgia or back to Colorado Springs. Ultimately, we agreed on Colorado Springs because it allows us to live the lifestyle we want with the outdoors at our doorstep. Atlanta traffic was a big deterrent as well.

Ultimately, the most critical thing is that we had to give ourselves the permission to not travel 24/7 even though we had the ability to. We wrapped our identity in being travelers. Who are we now that we aren’t traveling?

So, you think a basecamp might be right for you?

Pros of a basecamp:

• There’s a safety net of “home”. This is really nice to have when decision fatigue sets in and you get lonely and overwhelmed. Our first taste of loneliness was after one year of travel when we were in Hanoi, Vietnam sweating our butts off in August 2015. We just wanted to pack up and head home. Thankfully we had that as even an option in our house back in Colorado Springs. After visualizing how that would look we kept on moving. Having the safety net was important.
• Have your cake and eat it too. Travel when you feel like it. Sit on your couch and eat ice cream and watch Netflix without worrying about conserving your mobile data.
• Friends and family close by. Go play trivia or play in the park with your friends and family.

Cons of a basecamp:

• Could be more expensive duplicating home type expenses.
• Could be a headache renting out your home long or short term and figuring out that workflow. We had a horrible renter when we moved back into our home. The other 3 were great.
• You don’t quite “fit in”.  Friends and family still think you’re traveling and ask you where you’re going next. Constant travelers wonder why the heck you aren’t traveling.

Our experience. We love it. We started basecamping in January 2018. This is what we want to do in this specific chapter of life and we are embracing it instead of feeling pressured one way or the other.


If you are curious about setting up a basecamp, I encourage you to give yourself the permission to start dreaming about it. And of course reach out if we can help in any way!

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