Life on the road can provide such freedom! Being able to pick up and leave whenever you want; going wherever you want; working for yourself, with who you want, and setting your own hours. The list goes on and on! It feels like you’re living the dream.

As much of a dream as it is, though (and we love it!), there are some definite trade-offs to traveling all the time and having all that freedom.

One of them being that moving from place to place so often doesn’t allow full-time travelers to build a sense of community or strong bonds with anyone in any one place that you’re staying at. Friendships take time! Usually more time than it takes for you to be off to your next location.

After a while of traveling and not being able to really connect with other humans face to face, outside of your partner, things start to feel a little lonely.

This is the side of full-time travel people don’t talk about. It’s not sexy. It doesn’t make it to the highlight reel on social media. But guess what? It’s real. And it’s a real struggle for us nomads!  

So how do you build bonds, while traveling, with like-minded people who get you?

Facebook Groups

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We love social media, because it allows us to connect virtually with other people. There’s a huge community of people online who are traveling just like me and you. Some are in an RV full-time, some are living the van life, others are house sitting, some are traveling part-time whenever they’re able, etc.

There are also plenty of Facebook groups geared for us travelers and entrepreneurs. And it is a relief to know that there are others out there just like you upon first joining the group.

Some we know of:

The RV Entrepreneur

Fulltime Families

Full-time RVers

Housesitting World

House Sitting Magazine

Housesitting Cafe

Women Entrepreneurs Who RV

Women on the Road Podcast

Nomadic Network

The Blonde Abroad Travel Tribe

You might get to know other people if they’re active in the group. You might also ask for advice and feel supported with travel or business related issues you’re working through.

The missing link is you aren’t really getting to know anyone personally. You might read about their achievements and cheer them on (which is awesome!), but do you feel like you know these people on a personal level JUST from a Facebook group? Probably not.

Connect on Social Media

You can take Facebook Groups one step further and connect with individuals from that group on their own social media profiles.

After you find these people on FB, IG or their blog/vlog, then you can follow their personal journey virtually. It can definitely help watching others live the same lifestyle as you to feel like you aren’t alone.

Even though interacting with their personal journey through their social media profiles can be more personal than commenting every once in a while on a general post in a Facebook group, it’s still just a one-way virtual relationship that doesn’t lend itself to deep connections most of the time.

Sure, you might message back and forth every once in a while, but you aren’t engaging in meaningful, fulfilling conversations.

Travel Conferences

The awesome thing about attending in-person conferences geared toward full-time travelers is you have the opportunity to meet other full-time travelers FACE TO FACE and have those meaningful, fulfilling conversations!! It’s hard to put a value on the personal connections that can be made at these gatherings. Year after year, you are able to come back to these conferences to be reunited with the same people.

Some that we know of here in the States:

Women In Travel Summit

Xscapers Annual Bash

The RV Entrepreneur Summit

The sad part, though, is after the conference ends, you’re back to communicating via social media again!

Small Groups and Masterminds

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One way to get regular “face-to-face” time with couples you’ve connected with either via conference or social media is to form a small group or mastermind.

A small group could be a group of people you meet with virtually on a regular basis for the purpose of community. A mastermind is a little more strategic and structured, meeting around a specific topic you all want help on long-term (such as growing your business, vlogging, etc.)

Dan and I did this one year into our full-time travel journey, actually. We were feeling so alone in building our businesses and knew zero people personally who were also living a nomadic lifestyle at the time. So we decided to form our own mastermind group.

We found three other couples that were around our age that we had connected with over social media at one point or another. We wanted couples who were already traveling full-time and who were growing their businesses virtually. We reached out and asked if they’d be interested in meeting twice every month to help each other get through the tough stuff in growing our businesses.

It started out strictly business-related questions and gradually grew into more personal conversations and struggles. We all finally met up in person 4 months later and had such a blast! We are very grateful for the friendships, advice, and support we’ve received from our mastermind group over the past year and a half!

Nomad Collab

Our mastermind group had such a deep impact on us, that we wanted to create a space where we could help other full-time travelers connect on a personal level with like-minded people who understand each other. Not just through a social media platform, not just through finding each other’s blogs and email lists, and not just for a weekend conference. We wanted it all!

Nomad Collab combines all of these things, plus education and support on living and sustaining a nomadic lifestyle, and brings them together for an all-inclusive experience. No more trying to find couples in Facebook groups, then finding their individual profiles and websites, or searching for days on end trying to figure out how much it costs to house sit full time or how to fix a plumbing issue you’re having on your van renovation.

It’s all in one place…the Nomad Collab.

Nomad Collab runs regular virtual happy hour events, where you can get to know a small group of members at a time.

There are monthly expert interviews on all kinds of topics including health insurance for nomads, building a business from the road, workamping, marketing, blogging, supporting your spouse through transitions, downsizing, and so much more.

There’s a Financial Planner and a CPA who hold monthly office hours to answer your nomad-specific questions related to money and taxes. There’s also monthly office hours with business owners who have experience with running a virtual business, hiring employees, outsourcing, becoming an author, self-publishing, making money through sponsorships, and so much more!

Content to help full-time travelers live, sustain, and be supported through a nomadic lifestyle is released every week.

Nomad Collab even has in-person meetups! There’s nothing quite like being able to connect face to face. 

Don’t miss out. Nomad Collab’s enrollment is open NOW! Sign up for a membership today.

We can’t wait to help you build lasting friendships and support you in this incredible lifestyle!

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