Go to work, fight traffic, come home, do it all over again ... you want more out of life than that, right? If you've seen people all over the internet living nomadic lifestyles and you've wondered how you can do the same, then you're in the right spot.

Nomad Collab is a membership site with a knowledgeable, supportive community of like-minded people who can guide you in making the travel lifestyle sustainable! We're doing it ourselves and we understand the challenges of this lifestyle. For us, living a simple, experience-rich life is not a fad or something we are doing before “we settle down” or “while we still can”. We’re not satisfied with 2 weeks of vacation, we are not content with only getting to “live on the weekends”. We believe it's possible to have the freedom to travel, work, and adventure anywhere and anytime! Let us help you build and sustain a life of freedom, too.

Comprehensive Education

We get it, you don't need just another course, blog, or Facebook group. Nomad Collab is a one-stop shop for everything you need to know to make your nomadic dream a reality.


Living life to the fullest and pursuing your dreams and passions can be isolating. It feels like nobody "gets" you and finding like-minded couples can be challenging. But, Nomad Collab will connect you to people who share similar passions and goals as you!


Quitting your job, hitting the road, and chasing your dreams is scary. Nomad Collab is here to encourage and support you every step of the way. We're eager to help you get clarity and take action towards creating the life of your dreams!

Exclusive Member Benefits

Office Hours

Members have recurring access to experts in a variety of fields important to Nomads. Current office hours give members the chance to speak with a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Financial Planner and several content creators. (Value: $200)


Nomad Collab members get special member-only pricing on select goods and services including RV Health, New Heights Financial Planning, Married to Business mentoring, photography consultations, a YouTube course. We're constantly adding new discounts.

Interest Groups

Join a variety of groups specific to a certain topic, travel style, or hobby. We have a group for everything from van conversions and full-time RVers to a ladies group, book club, and mountain bikers. You can even create your own!

Community Forums

Have a question? Need some advice or tips on something you're struggling with? Chances are someone in the community can help. Post anything in a forum and you're sure to get the support you need! Again, we have forums on everything from business ideas to travel recommendations and a variety of lifestyle logistics.


As experts in a variety of fields and topics, we're always working to present our members with helpful, action oriented content and resources. We release new courses regularly on a variety of topics (launching a life on the road, building a business, finding remote work, taxes, etc.)

Live Zoom Calls/Hangouts

Forums and groups are great, but in Nomad Collab we make REAL connections by giving our members the opportunity to meet face-to-face during virtual hang-outs. We vary the topics and times to meet everyone's needs. You can also schedule your own Zoom room to have small group or two-on-two calls on the topic of your choice.

Expert Interviews

Another way we strive to meet the needs of our members is by bringing in experts to speak on topics we're less knowledgeable about. We've had a remote work specialist, a marriage counselor, a professional photographer, a variety of content creators, and more! All interviews are recorded and shared inside the community so no matter when you join Nomad Collab, you can access them all!

In Person Meetups

Our relationships and connections reach beyond our computer screens. Members who choose to do so, can share their locations and frequently meet up with other members as their travel plans intersect. We also plan community in-person meet ups for all members to attend.

What you'll learn in Nomad Collab

We’re huge believers in the power of community and we know members will learn new things just by engaging with their peers, but we also believe in providing information through digital courses, forums, blog posts and expert interviews.  Our goal is to provide you with  you everything you need to go from a stationary lifestyle to a nomadic one. 

The Freedom Mindset

It takes courage and strength to design the lifestyle of your dreams. You'll need to be willing to leap from your comfort zone.

Earning an Income

To sustain a nomadic lifestyle, you need to be able to work anywhere in the world. From landing a remote job to building online businesses, we've done it and will help you do it too.

Sustain the Lifestyle

There's so much more to being a nomad than traveling. We're here to help you build a successful nomadic life, not just help you take a great vacation.

Designing the Dream

There are so many ways to go about creating a nomadic lifestyle. We'll help you identify the options and give you the pros and cons.

Preparing Financially

From budgeting to taxes to retirement planning, a location independent lifestyle presents unique challenges.

Building Relationships

It's all about building relationships with other like minded couples that truly understand your motivations, desires and challenges.

Who is Nomad Collab for?

If you and your partner are determined to build a location independent lifestyle together and are looking for the resources, guidance, and information necessary to achieve it, this is for you! We’re looking for couples who are hungry to build more freedom and choices in their lives, are committed to taking the steps to make it happen, and need a community of good friends who are mutually understanding, supportive, and encouraging. 

A membership to Nomad Collab includes 2 user profiles. While the community is primarily couples of all ages and backgrounds,  if you’re single, you’re still welcome. Find a friend or family member to join with you and take advantage of the second profile! Also, we welcome families and are kid (and pet) friendly!

Overall, we’re looking for members who are  eager to engage in the community on a weekly basis, make the effort to connect with other couples, consume and contribute to the content and forums, and attend events regularly. Sound like you? Enroll today! 

Who is Nomad Collab NOT for?

We want this community to be thriving with couples who believe anything is possible, to be creative with what life can look like, and who are ready to roll up their sleeves and make their dream happen and sustain it.  If you prefer to sit on the sidelines and observe other’s going after their dreams, or spend your time wishing you had someone else’s life, then come back when you’re ready to take life by the horns and make it YOURS! 

In the meantime, we hope our blog articles can inspire you and feel free to reach out for encouragement. We’re here for you!

Enrollment is open!
Join the community and learn how to plan, launch and sustain a nomadic lifestyle.

What our members are saying...

Michelle Seeba

Michelle Seeba

The amount of info out in the forums and groups is great! I have not had a chance to read it all but every time I dive in, I find so much useful information. All of you that built this put in so much time and effort and it shows, definitely a labor of love. I cannot wait for it to open up to others so I can share with friends who would benefit from Nomad Collab.

Shawn McKinzie

Shawn McKinzie

It was great to interact with a group of people who are going after what they want in life. The zoom calls were great, and I felt inspired by just being on the calls with such proactive people.

Craig Klinefelter

Craig Klinefelter

Nomad Collab has been a wonderful experience for me! I enjoyed being a part of the group and look forward to continuing the new friendships I have made. It was very important to me to find a group of people interested in the same kinds of work and play that we are. The course content provided is varied and holds some real nuggets for me to learn from and build upon as we grow our business and RV Life.

Tina Klinefelter

Tina Klinefelter

Before Nomad Collab I followed some of the Founders Circle members on social media from afar but now they feel more like MY community...people who get me and this nomadic lifestyle. I am happy to now call them MY friends. Those you can call on to help support your business and personal situations with expert tips and guidance. We all come from different backgrounds and experiences and we are stronger together and I have felt that through establishing my own remote business. I am no longer alone in the endeavor and for that I am grateful.

Emily Mills

Emily Mills

Nomad Collab has been a tremendous resource for my husband and I on our journey to becoming nomads. We came in with a LOT of questions about buying an RV, getting a loan and finding a lender, how to transition from a stationary career to a remote job, how people find community on the move, personal finance questions, and also questions about the nomad culture. Trying to find these answers on our own proved to be time consuming, overwhelming, and we never quite felt confident in anything. With Nomad Collab, we found a supportive, diverse group of friends who were willing to help us with everything.


Adjusting Your Dream

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